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Self Healing Techniques

After spending years in hospitals when I was very young an innate feeling of discomfort inspired a search for natural ways to heal my self.

The body is a magnificent bio-computer with a power of organized intelligence we are still just beginning to really utilize towards our full potential.

Our bodies are like an orchestra with many parts playing a wonderful symphony. When one of the areas of the body is out of tune, the whole song is out of resonance.

‘Resonance’ is the normal, healthy vibration of an object. Everything has a resonant frequency (an ideal frequency at which it vibrates) this includes our bodies. Vibrational Medicine can be practiced in many ways. The simple expression of our voice in song or releasing sound with any expression of the voice can have a very deep effect on the body by integrating heavy dense vibration that naturally accumulate as part of life in a body. Dancing as we all know is very liberating especially if we give our selves the permission to move in many different and creative ways other than our normal withdrawn lil shuffle. The act of loving, sharing love in all the ways we know how, cooking and nourishing each other with food, touching and comforting each other. Being in nature is one of the most powerful forms of vibrational medicine, in fact living organisms are entrained by the planetary field they live in, in other words; the vibrational quality of an environment deeply determines the quality of life in this environment. We all have special vibrational tools and gifts that are unique to our individual nature. Any form of art expression whether on canvas, crafts or through healing touch are all forms of sharing vibrational medicine. When we allow for creative energy to be revealed through us in all these infinite forms we are allowing for vibrational currents of life to be expressed and revealed through the different channels and rivers of life currents in the body.

Symptoms of pain, discomfort and dis – ease are a result of a stagnant flow of chi’ – prana or life force energy. Pain is the bodies natural warning signal to bring your love and attention where it is needed.

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