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Please see below testimonials from some of Colleen’s clients, dear friends and family. The ones marked with *** were performed in Colleen’s service to Creator and no monetary profits were received.

My deepest gratitude for our time together, for the amazing and deep healing session, for the rapé lesson and simply for sharing conversation.

Colleen gives from her heart in her healing sessions.  Her style of body work is physically and spiritually uplifting, truly a heavenly gift in her hands.


-Rev. Dr. J. Gilchrist

June 2024

I have waited so long to get some words together, it is a difficult task for me as my gratitude for this woman Colleen, and this medicine she carries is so great it cannot be put into words, it's a feeling deep inside to the core of my soul. 


I remember the first ceremony I attended with this beautiful woman. She saw me, my soul, who I am, who I was, who I am supposed to be. The profound healing I received from La Madre Grandmother & Colleen I could never give back anything close to what I received. 


Colleen welcomed my family, my friends, and I had the joy to heal with my mother and my daughter. I know that I should have written a testimonial years ago, as I’ve known Colleen for 13 years now. I am so blessed to know her. She became my friend, my Sundance sister. I survived being stolen from my mother during the baby scoop, childhood  trauma, physical abuse, domestic abuse, sexual assault because of this medicine Colleen works with. 


Again I feel the pull to sit. I have sat with her over 25 times. I have referred many of my friends and family to Colleen, she has traveled long distances to sit with my friends, family and I. 


This medicine has also taught me to connect to her and travel. She gives me choices on what I would like to heal, she answers my questions & she shows me the future. 


This medicine is so beautiful…Miigwetch AYAHUASCA. I love Colleen with all my being and I am forever grateful. Colleen, you make the world worth being in.


Love, Lizanne LeClair

April 2024


Dear Colleen I would like to express my gratitude for your holding the sound healing Meditation this past weekend. I will keep it brief as possible. 


I didn't understand the weight of what I received from last weekend until I integrated and spoke with my partner. I had no idea what divine masculine/feminine had to do with me. Nothing, I thought. 


I realized as I was speaking to her that during the sound plant medicine meditation, I felt a deep connection to and admiration for divine femininity during the time that you, Shannon and Shika were singing together. Something I hadn’t felt in the same way since I was a young boy. 


The last time I cried that deeply was when my mother left when I was 8 years old. I was in touch with that sad little boy during the meditation, and the divine femininity that you three displayed comforted me in a way that my mother didn't and couldn't at the time. 


I realized that I hadn't respected my partner as a woman because I lost respect for my mom as a woman when she left. I realized I haven’t been able to respect, admire Or connect with feminine energy since then. And in turn, I haven’t been able to connect to my own masculine energy and thus myself.


The physical drug addiction I had for years is simply gone. Cured. I feel that in my heart. I have absolutely no desire to use drugs. My addiction was a symptom of my sickness, and disconnection from myself and to life, based on this skewed connection to feminine energy. 


Since the meditation, I have been present almost every moment. I see my partner in an entirely different way and I’m able to appreciate and uplift her as the incredible woman she is. We are connecting deeper than ever before and I can feel our relationship healing.


My days have been vibrant and full. I have energy like my 5-year-old son. I am still running and doing handstands, simply for fun. I feel closer to my friends and to everyone around me because I feel closer to me. 


People are more attracted to my energy. I’ve had conversations with total strangers. I am excelling at work. Things are falling into my lap.


I also had some chronic inflammation that has healed almost completely, and an injury in my back that we are working on. 


I felt and saw in the meditations peeling back layers of programming and literally rewriting neurotransmitters in my brain. 


You, Shannon, and Shika quite literally showed me how to fall in love with women again. And I mean that in the most respectful, uplifting and genuine way. 


Simply by being such incredibly powerful women and people, you’ve changed my life entirely. I’m now able to connect with myself as a man and value, support and lift those around me. That will ripple out into the world and make it a better place to be in a powerful way. 


Thank you so, so so much Colleen. This past weekend and the other Meditations I have attended may have saved my life. It certainly saved the course of my life as it was. Thank you. 


One other thing, I feel I did a disservice to my partner when you asked me about our relationship and what she’s like. She is a fantastic, incredibly vibrant person. She has expressed interest in joining these sound healing retreats you hold as well. 


Going forward I will be exploring how to unlock my full potential as a person rather than how to dig myself out of the hole I was in. I truly feel that I can now focus on growing into the person I’m meant to be.


~Evan Briere


I met Colleen in 2016 and after speaking with her felt inspired to work with sound healing & plant medicine again.  I was familiar with the rare healing potentials plant medicine offers and had a history of many transformative experiences.  These sacred medicines carry healing properties regardless of the environment one consumes them in, however, it was after working with Colleen I understood how important the nature of the facilitator amplified or distorted the fullness of this healing potential.  Colleen’s natural gifts of music, intuition, and an uncanny ability to get out of the way of spirit make for an impeccable sound healing ceremony.  Colleen opens her home and her heart to her participants in a way that allows you to drop any armour, and simply feel safe in her hands.  This work has healed many parts of my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  I have personally found that listening to Colleen’s music post-ceremony allows the medicine to continue deepening your experience.  I encourage anyone who wishes to overcome maladaptive patterns to consider working with Colleen, for it is a rare opportunity to connect with such a clear channel of divine grace.




Cheryl Lewin, RMT, RPQ 

(Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying)


My experience volunteering on Colleens Lands for two months~


I feel truly blessed and incredibly inspired to have had the opportunity to spend 2 months volunteering on Colleen’s land. It’s so magical and powerful that words can’t describe it, but I will do my best. My intention was to remove myself from the matrix of being in the city by allowing this experience to stay deeply connected to the nature that exists on her land. During my time spent there, I was rising early to spend time taking care of the outdoor space.


This allowed me to continually be connected to her land, as I worked hard to manicure her property. I felt the smell of fresh grass each day, the clear winds blowing in my face, the ray of sun beaming as the various animals presented themselves as a friendly hello as I passed them. Each step, each breath, each moment was felt in my heart and soul. 

When I had some time to myself, I swam in the fresh lake water to cleanse my body after a hard day’s work. I had the privilege to sit in silence on the soft grass as I slowly observed this special land during my meditations. The energy is powerful in the best way possible, and the only way to know this is to come and experience it for yourself. It’s incredibly unique and special.


Colleen is a gentle and beautiful soul and it was a pleasure to get to know her through conversation. Her singing voice carried and was heard by me as she sang her heart out. I was fortunate enough to catch some moments of this, which put a big smile on my face. 


She takes the work she does very seriously, with honour, dignity, respect and the most love imagined. During the meditation retreats I had very profound visions, clear messages about my past, the now and the future. Asking for forgiveness for all the people I hurt in life and the self-inflicted damage I caused. Downloads came through from all the inner work I was fortunate enough to experience that I took note of in my journal. I highly recommend taking time to write after the nightly meditations so you can have it to remember to look back on. Do this the next day, alone and in silence. You will be glad you did.


I was there to also heal, release specific things that don’t service me anymore. This allowed myself to open up for my expansion and growth by using my personal experience to evolve in the most powerful way all through the depth of my heart. 


Colleen holds a very safe container for all members to participate and the way she is able to channel her energy by using various tools to help heal is something I have never seen before, and I sat in various meditations the last few years. I got to witness this on many occasions and this was truly a gift. 


After my time was done volunteering on her land and sitting in her meditation retreats, I knew that something radical had changed in me in the most positive and powerful way.

I left feeling fulfilled, with my cup overflowing with joy to take life on with precise and clear intention. If you’re thinking of immersing yourself in nature, helping with the land, doing preparations for any retreats, and most importantly doing inner work, I would highly suggest it. This experience will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be remembered. 


Thank you, Colleen, for all your dedication to help me understand more about my potential, remove layers from myself to get deep into my soul and give me space to know who I am to create a clearer path for my future. It’s been an honour to experience what I went through. 


I’m beyond grateful for the tears that shed, the release of negative energies, taking control of my life with respect and love to live my best life. Thank you for the movement that came through in my dance that allowed me to flow and explore with my body as the music played so perfectly. I was like an eagle with my wings open wide, swaying so gently above the open sky. Grateful for the sound healing ceremony to bring out my voice that I knew existed but this verified it. It was such a treat to be able to participate by playing my drum and shaker. It really connected me to the experience more than ever. 


One takeaway I won’t forget and I was blessed to experience was the power of prayer. I dug deep to really pray for my prayers and it was so magical to feel this. I’m feeling truly alive that all of this came through and I could not have done it without spending this special time on your land. The work you do is not only for me, the participants that choose to come, but I learned quickly it’s for the planet and the next many generations to come. Colleen, you are a powerhouse of a human and the world needs more humans like you to exist to help us all rise. 


Monty Zonis


" When I was divinely led to Colleen almost a year ago, the pain within my heart was overtaking me and I found myself falling into complete despair. Having exhausted many avenues and various healing modalities, finding Colleen and her beautiful gifts has completely realigned my life and shifted how I walk my path.   Since childhood I have struggled with crippling shyness, so much so that I was mute until the age of four and could barely speak in public as a young adult. Through Colleen, I have literally found my voice and am healing a deep wound I thought was impenetrable.   The space she holds enables you to discover and reclaim your power and ignite your own path of healing.The unwavering devotion she holds for the sacred unlocks the memory of your own divinity and this deep remembering leads you to a place where trauma and pain is transformed into love and reverence for all that is. You are left knowing that you are so much more than the pain and sorrow and are loved beyond comprehension.  If your path has led you to Colleen, know that you have been blessed. And so it is"...  


Sarah 2022 

From the first moment I attended Sound Healing with Colleen, I could feel it was very different from anything else I had ever experienced.  
I have spent the last 12 years as a student of Shamanic Practices. I worked with many teachers and Shamans and I have traveled to South America three times. Through the sacred and safe space that Colleen provides I have experienced clearing, activations, expansion, and profound healing that I could not have imagined. 
The ripple effect of healing in my life and in all my relations has been the result of the prayers and higher frequency that is called in through her work. All aspects of my life have shifted including business, relationships, habits, communication, and abundance. I am more present, grounded, clear, aligned, full of love, and at peace. 
What I found that is missing in much of this work in other communities is reverence for the sacredness and honor of the Indigenous Peoples, as well as the facilitators having true initiation. The mastery, reverence, dedication, and honor that she holds can be felt and this allows you to go very deep into yourself to uncover what is there. The proof is in the lasting healing and alignment that occurs in her containers.  
My journey to healing began over 20 years ago as I was living in so much fear and anger from childhood traumas. I was headed down a very dark path and knew that I needed healing. I had lost my father to drug addiction and much of my life was caretaking for my brothers who started using drugs out of high school. After years of struggle, I lost my two brothers to drug addiction. When my younger brother transitioned, I could not process anymore grief and I shut down. My emotions went numb and dry. I received a beautiful healing water blessings from Colleen and for the first time in 4 years, I was able to release and cry. It was a wonderful gift to feel my emotions and the cleansing and release of the grief. I also had very beautiful connections and communication with my brothers during the Sound Healing which really filled my heart. 
Colleen has a way of activating the gifts of those in her presence. The Divine Feminine and Holy Mother has been suppressed in this realm. The Feminine holds codes that are important for the healing of our Mother Earth. The reclamation of our voice is an aspect of healing that is crucial at this time and Colleen is able to facilitate this activation. I had done vocal training previously and worked at opening my throat chakra for years. In her circles I have had many throat activations, my voice has changed and opened not only through singing but also through speaking my truth. I have witnessed her empower Sisters and Brothers to shine their light and express their gifts through music and voice in a way I have never seen before. 
Everything is frequency and when we change our frequency everything changes. When we pray in a container of love with clear intention our prayers are answered. I have witnessed the prayers be answered in the most miraculous ways through Colleen’s healing. 
I could feel that I had lost aspects of myself due to traumas and I have come home to myself, and I am so grateful. 
Colleen has the voice of an Angel, she is a true artist, musician, and Master of Sound. 
As a trained Sound Healing Practitioner, I have learned so much more about sound through being in Colleens Sound Therapy sessions. I have never experienced sound in the way I do with Colleen, and you can tell that it comes from years of dedicated experience.  
I really appreciate the vast wisdom and direct experience that Colleen holds of Shamanic and Indigenous practices, physical health, other realms, galactic history, our multidimensionality, and an understanding of what is happening on this planet during this ascension cycle. 
For those who are called to this healing which I believe is a warrior’s path as we are doing deep ancestral healing as well as anchoring in the higher frequencies for the New Earth and future generations. We are here to release thousands of years of trauma and to restore peace, harmony, and freedom to this realm. We are here to remember the truth of who we are as Divine and Eternal Souls. 
Colleen holds a template that carries the codes for this remembrance, and I feel fortunate to know her. 
Rebecca Keating 

"I have worked with Colleen for 3 years and have had great transformation during this time with her. I was in a very heartbroken place when we met, living in survival mode, with quite an overwhelmed nervous system and fear of the future possibility of inheriting a genetic brain disease I was aware of. 
Her sound healing offerings & meditations have helped me learn how to be with my body on a deeper level, process subconsciously held tension and trauma, as well as discover how the mind was connected in this. I began to more deeply be able to surrender to the yin force of healing, allow medicine to work directly on my body & nervous system, and gain expanded perspective on many situations. This all led to a ripple effect of bringing healing to many situations in my life, to release fear held within and gain more trust in surrendering, and forgiving. 
I also had the opportunity to live on the enchanted healing lands, which brought great grounding and connection to the Earth, and much cleansing in the opportunity to connect to the waters. There is a beautiful energy held on these lands, and it was an honor to spend time enjoying and contributing to them. 
Colleen is a wise medicine woman with a compassionate approach, an unbelievably beautiful voice of an angel, and an unparalleled talent in channeling and bringing healing music to others.
Recently I also experienced her sound healing ceremony while 7 months pregnant, and it was such a beautiful experience for the baby in my womb who was jumping with delight along to some of the music! It was a very healing experience to let this music wash over me and my baby, and connect the two of us even more deeply"!

Michelle - 2022

“Being pregnant is such a special time and I am so truly grateful for being able to work with Colleen in her sound healing ceremonies since 2013. The healing is the ultimate connection to spirit and while pregnant being more receptive you experience this on an even deeper level. It’s an opportunity to connect with the beautiful spirit you are carrying and helping bring into this world. I feel our beautiful daughter on such a deep level that I don’t think would be possible under normal circumstances.

The baby loves the connection and to be honest I truly think it makes a difference when the child is born. Our daughter is very connected to spirit. I truly believe this is because she experienced this before she was born. The channel was open early on. Colleen is like no other! She is such a beautiful, strong woman whose knowledge, presence, voice and love is able to carry you through the experience.  You are in good hands”!

Lots of love,

Maria Coliviras-2022

“I recently attended one of Colleen’s Sound Healing Circles for the first time a month ago and was blown away by the deep healing that took place. I’ve been to several other sound healing circles with healers but I’ve never seen someone work this hard and be this connected in my life. 

The environment she created felt loving and safe.  She really understands how to keep the right energy in her container and she is surgeon like when it comes to sound healing. I went as deep as I’ve ever went into some of my trauma’s in the subconscious, faced and released them with the help of Colleen. Her music and singing was something special to witness in person and it guided the healing process.

Certain songs of her’s would be so touching that they just pushed the tears out of me. I found myself constantly impressed with the various instruments she was playing or various healings she was administering throughout the night. She was constantly working. I haven’t stopped talking about her to others since and plan to bring my wife. You can look into her eyes and see the pureness in her soul.

I am very grateful for meeting people like her that have done so much work on their own personal healing that they can now pay it forward.

Thank you Colleen” 

Divya Rao -2022

“In September of 2017 I was in a motor vehicle accident which I was not expected to survive, I was found crushed under a vehicle I had been thrown from and flat lined on the scene after being worked on by paramedics and fire fighters several times.  I flat lined again in the helicopter on the way to the hospital, and that evening they revived me an additional 39 times.  I suffered brain damage (my entire head was split open), cracked spine in seven places, broken fingers and toes, completely crushed right rib cage, bruised/damaged organs, collapsed lung, crushed shoulder blade and broken collar bone, severe nerve and muscle damage, not to mention the stress and damage my heart endured not only from the accident, but also from the various revival attempts. Incredibly enough I survived, and after several major operations and therapy, I made a quick, remarkable, recovery. So remarkable in fact that one of my surgeons didn’t even believe I was the same person.  It was a sheer miracle….physically at least I “looked” healed, however, I was in immeasurable chronic pain, and quickly spiralling into a deep dark hole I never even knew existed.  I lost who I was, not that I was happy with who I was, but she was lost none the less, she was gone.  The person I knew as myself, the person I lived as everyday, the woman who took care of others and held the fort, the mother who always answered her children and had sound advise, the amazing cook, the loving partner, the funny friend, the  quick witted business owner….all those parts of me…she was gone, lost, dead. 

I turned to alcohol and drugs (first pharmaceutical then latter gummies) to help me manage pain, and within several months became a full blown alcoholic, drinking night and day, everyday. Since the physical pain was getting worse my mental state was weakening, I started having severe suicidal thoughts, and was placed on suicide watch with my family doctor.  At this point my partner had completely isolated me from my entire family, including my children, and no one really knew what was happening to me.  On the outside, I looked good, or at least like I was coping, on the inside I was trying to die a little more each day. My condition went considerably worse mentally, and my doctor at this point was asking me to commit myself to professional  full-time care, I refused.  

In March 2020 I left my partner, COVID blew up and took over our lives, I lost everything I owned, ended up on social assistance, and basically curled up in a fetal position with a bottle in my hand and waited to die.  And then…just as I was slipping away…my best friend came and asked me to visit with her for a healing by Colleen.  My head was saying NO, but my heart was pleading YES, so I went, thinking ‘ok ill do this last thing and then goodbye’ ….and that first healing with Colleen was the beginning of my journey back “home”.  

The first change I noticed was my speech improvement.  I had developed a stutter from my brain injury.  It was not always noticeable, unless I started to experience anxiety (which was almost always due to my PTSD).  Soon after my first healing my stutter completely disappeared. As I continued to attend more healings with Colleen and do the work that I was guided to do, the next improvement I noticed was my management of my physical pain.  I was becoming more mobile, stoped using my cane, and started taking long walks in nature again. My nerve damage was mending and I started to spend time with friends and loved ones.  Now I was strong enough to work on perhaps the hardest hurdle, my dependency on alcohol and fragmented mental state.  These healings were intense, I went through them and again did the work I was guided to do when I returned home.  It certainly was not easy, and I had several relapses.  But then I would go back and start all over again.  By New Years (8 months since my fist healing) I was alcohol free and functioning with a sound mental mind.  I am truly living life again!

On the one year anniversary of my first healing I received, I Thanked God for my new life and for all the beautiful lessons Colleens healings have taught me.  I recommend her healing capabilities to everyone, and can attest several of my friends and family members who have attended healings with Colleen as well, are experiencing the same positive affects as I have.  If you are willing to do the work, you will be healed, no matter what it is you came to heal, that is truly the formula.

People who see me now are amazed at who I have become, I am better than I was before the accident even happened.

Now, every evening when I lay to rest, instead of praying that the good Lord ends my suffering an lets me leave this planet, I give THANKS and sing one of Colleens medicine songs:

“…Thank you for the love 

Thank you for this life

Thank you for the day

Thank you for the night

Thank you for the truth 

Thank you for the dreams 

Thank you for pure mountain streams 

Flowing to all and everything….”

To this day I continue my mediation healings with Colleen, always brining a friend or family member whom I believe could benefit from such a beautiful healing modality, and I am never disappointed”


Jasna Orsanic~ 2021

I have been working with Colleen for healing over a handful of times beginning in summer 2019. Colleen has a powerful, ethereal and other worldly voice that conveys an incredible amount of love and wisdom. I’m so impressed by her ability to hold loving space that is safe and self empowering. I have learned to empower myself to truly work with myself and the medicine together. Over time, I have gained personal strength and courage to face and love myself more deeply. Specifically, I have received profound guidance that has allowed me to find and make contact with my birth father for the first time in my adult life. I have found greater peace in my relationships and confidence in my ability to change as well as honor myself and others. Colleen has so much wisdom and tools to share as well as a loving heart. She demonstrates strength in her vulnerability which leads the way for the rest of us. I am profoundly grateful for all of Colleen’s help and her devotion to her work. It is truly inspiring and deeply healing. 

Lu Wang ~ 2020

After attending a healing with Colleen I received a calling to do a 7 day strict fast (no food, only water and rest, lots of sunlight and fresh air in nature). It has been surprisingly easy, I’ve felt no hunger and I felt my body was doing regenerative work. My hormones improved, as did my stress levels and my sleep has been consistently great. Since then, I have also stuck to a strictly vegan diet even though I’ve never really been vegan before – until our weekend. My health has improved tremendously, and continuing to do so. Thank you so much for all your healing care… there is no possibility that any of this could have happened without meeting you.

I was wondering about the healing retreat you are holding in Peru in late 2022- my boyfriend and I would like to proceed and register.

Thank you so much,

Alice Olesya~2021

My words could not come out very coherently after the healing I received with you Colleen but now after some time I wish to share the profound insight and intense shift of consciousness that I have been blessed with during the healing meditation with you. I would like to offer this to you through a painting that I have created a couple of days ago, which was inspired by a few snippets that I recalled from my inner healing. Colleen, you are those two blue cranes at the top, helping the purple triangle that glows like the Moon,  from not getting swallowed by the dark wisps.

All the best to you and all your loved ones.

Until we meet again…Prayers! 

Andrea Malus`~2021

” Such a beautiful voice… sounds like an angel! So glad I got to see this, since I was busy making food in the kitchen” ! xoxo

~ Angela Argentina-2019

"I honestly never tire of hearing Colleen’s breathtaking, lovely music. Her phenomenal gift for healing coupled with the therapeutic frequencies of sound are quite the transformative combination!"

~Adrianne Lake`-2019

” I had the privilege of attending a Wild Woman’s Circle recently organized and guided by Colleen. On the way there, I was feeling a torrent of intense emotion building up, and some anxiety about being in a group setting, but as soon as I walked in the door, I immediately felt grounded and composed, especially after a warm hug from Colleen. Throughout the event, I was impressed by how much thought, consideration and attention to detail she brought to the event. From the very start, she was able to facilitate such a loving, open, and soulful space for everyone to be fully expressed and supported. The sense of collective communion that was created was deeply moving and rejuvenating. As Colleen guided us through different sacred songs with her ethereal, mesmerizing voice, and the cacao started to take effect, I felt my heart grow incandescent with a profound sense of joy and liberation.

The group energy was electrifying and profoundly transformative, and I felt my inhibitions melt away as we ecstatically danced together. To end the session, we did a gong meditation where I entered a deep trance and allowed those intense emotions to percolate to the surface and be alchemized with divine love and self-forgiveness. I shed many cathartic tears of compassion for my struggles, harsh self-criticism, perceived inadequacies and the collective sorrow of all beings suffering so unnecessarily. It was like open heart psychic surgery.

I felt so deeply grateful to have found a community where women can gather regularly to interface with like-minded souls and experience heartfelt, mystical and transcendent states, which we so desperately need in this age of insincerity, commodification, competition, and disconnection from our true essence and each other. To end the session, we gathered in a circle, held hands, expressed one thing we were thankful for, and chanted the most thunderous Ohm I have ever experienced. In a testament to the sense of community present, every single person hugged me goodbye, even those I was a bit shy to approach as I hadn’t engaged with them directly. A new friend was kind enough to give me a ride home, and I felt so blissful from that magical energy and the cacao still coursing through my veins, I made my own playlist to keep ecstatically dancing by myself. So I send an avalanche of profound love and gratitude to Colleen for masterfully organizing the event, holding space so gracefully, her sonic wizardry, and soulful, heartfelt energy. Can’t wait for the next gathering of high priestesses”!

~ Andréa Prins 2019

Colleen held a beautiful sacred space for me during our session. I felt deeply held and nourished by her presence and energy. The massage she gave me allowed me to release long last built up physical and emotional tension that were stored in my body.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive from such a gracious soul and would recommend her sessions to anyone in need of loving touch and healing.”

Clarity Barton 2019

I had met Colleen several years ago and enjoyed her space for a labyrinth walk and an evening sound event.

However, in December 2016, I felt compelled to book a session with Colleen.

I chose the sound healing and shamanistic journey and I was well rewarded!

After some massage with beautiful scents and relaxation, Colleen guided me to get on my horse and ride while she drummed.

I was Native American riding bareback across the Plains and heading to the mountains.  At the mountain, I dismounted and climbed to the top so that I could see the place where ‘heaven met earth’.

Next I ‘saw’ a buffalo hide complete with head and horns covering me and I could actually ‘feel’ the hide touching my back!  Just as I was thinking, “am I medicine man”,  and conscious of the hide on my back, I realized that I was shapeshifting and the hide became the wide wings of a beautiful bald eagle and I lifted off and took flight!

In combination with Colleen’s haunting and beautiful voice singing, Sweet Hummingbird, the sounds that she used and the body work she performed, it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Thank you for using your Creator given talents in service to humanity.

With love,
Rosemeri Ritter

I recently traveled to Southeast Asia and returned extremely sick. I was in and out of the hospital trying to figure out what was wrong. I was in constant pain, vomiting, extremely weak, dizzy, losing weight, and unable to work. Doctors said potentially acid reflux, ulcer or gastritis, but no clear answer.

This lead me to the Enchanted Healing Centre in Fergus to do a Healing session with Colleen. My session has left me in amazement as I was so sick for 11 days and only 1 session with Colleen has me back to myself again  Colleen used a variety of different healing modalities on me ranging from sound therapy with crystal bowls, Buffalo drum, harp & her pure angelic voice. Many different healing herbs were used during the session along with sacred tools. Colleen did hands on energy work on my abdominal area which shifted blocked energy releasing the pain and discomfort I had been experiencing. When she was finished there was a huge sense of relief, the first time I had been at peace with my body in those 11 days of being sick.

In the past few years I have been going through many shifts, taking different approaches to my health and healing. Family and friends often push for western medicine over the natural route, this often leaves me confused and questioning myself. But the healing that took place during my session solidified that we don’t always need to immediately turn to Western medicine and we need to put more trust back into ourselves, in nature and honor Ancient wisdom & traditions. Colleen is the true embodiment of what we are capable of, a very powerful healer sharing shamanic wisdom, she is intuitively guided to give you the healing that you need. A unique treatment that an antibiotic or mainstream medical doctor cannot provide you. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Colleen. My previous sessions have helped me with many different blockages, ailments and addictions in my life. I have awakened to so many truths, gained so much knowledge and new perspectives during these sessions. Gratitude to the warrior of light that you are, thank you for your dedication and preservation of this work.

Alicya 2016

I want to thank you Colleen for the life changing private healing session last week. It was without exaggeration an out of this world experience. Your beautiful blessed voice and your bowls enlightened me. It was so much more beyond what I expected. I can still feel the bliss and amazing energy from that session. I released major traumas that where hiding in my gut, from as far back as when I was 4 years old. It would have taken me years using conventional therapies, to dig that deep and release these traumas. I am a completely different person, gone is the depression and worries about the future. I have so much more positive energy and love for the simple things.

I am truly blessed to have met you and don’t know how to repay you for changing my life. I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for answers and healing.

Ramin Noori – 03/2016

*** I’m writing to express my appreciation for the opportunity to experience a healing with you. In the days following this experience I have felt renewed with an energy of self-acceptance and love. I have been emboldened, humbled and my relationship to the divine elements of life have been invigorated with a new sense of participation and joy. I have sought and received forgiveness in my relationships and found new meaning in my work. In addition to the marvelous gifts of musicianship and sensory delight that filled your healing sessions I was particularly struck by the transparency, humility and sacred reverence that enlightened your leadership. As a participant I felt like my presence was deeply appreciated and that you made a conscientious effort to create both physical and energetic space for my being to resonate in all of its beauty, power and human-ness. I felt seen, celebrated and nurtured and when I encountered places that were difficult, I felt that I could surrender to your guidance and allow a higher consciousness to lead us through the darkness.

I left this experience with a renewed and palpable joy in my body which has not diminished in the days following. It has gone deep into the sinews of my body and it flutters about my energy field reminding me of the magical alchemy it is to be alive.
Thank you for your attentive, authentic and masterful sharing of your passion and gift to heal and your delight in dancing with the animals and angels.

With love,
Justin Tensen / 2016

Colleen gave me a healing that was unlike anything I’ve experienced, beginning with a 45mins infrared sauna, followed by ritual, shamanic massage with crystal bowls and singing and more magic. I feel rejuvenated today in ways words can only dream of expressing. I am feeling profoundly well! In fact, the ache that was in my hip/groin appears to have left my body which is simply incredible! You have quite a gift, Colleen, with your guides and spirit helpers in tow. I hope to send others your way and wish to see you for more healing in the future. I HIGHLY recommend anyone taking the short trip from Toronto to Fergus to connect to Colleen for healing, especially those walking a spiritual path. She nourishes all levels of being! Stay tuned too because Colleen and I will be linking up in co-creations this year and beyond!

Darren Austin Hall, Musician & Sound Healer 2015

I was fortunate to experience a healing session with Colleen.  There were so many wonderful elements about the complete experience, how can I focus on defining it?  Her welcoming nature and sincerity set such a beautiful tone in her space, creating safety, comfort and peace.  Her sincerity allowed me to trust the process, and dive deeply into my awareness to release rigid patterns and pain.  The  pain in my back from a teenage injury melted away, my natural walking rhythm returned and I had movement and fluidity which I had missed for 35 years. Never once did I feel abandoned throughout the process, but honored and witnessed, with strength, honesty and wisdom.  She has a gift with her voice and massage, and I would recommend her sessions for anyone.
Thank you Colleen!

Betty Young, Owner of Fergus Natural Choice 2015

I can’t wait to have another healing! Though I received what I needed in another healing, it wasn’t quite like yours. Your voice literally takes me to another level. I really felt the difference this time- when you sang. I felt the healing intensify (seriously- it was quite mind blowing!). You have an incredible gift! Thank you for being you, and doing incredible healing work! I am so grateful you are here on this planet, and that I get to share healing moments with you!

Angela Hines 2015

“Since having a couple of healing sessions with Colleen, I am finding that if I do Shamanic journaling twice per day and Ho-oponopono 2 or 3 times, plus listening to songs and Icaros and playing the didj a bit that I seem to stay in the zone. In fact sometimes I can actually end up almost blissed out. I have never been so at peace. There is still lots to work on, but gone are the 3 to 5 day depressions every time my wife and I have a disagreement  Thanks for the great experience and guidance in what to do after a few private healing sessions were finished.”

Keith Cook  2015

I wanted to send you a gracious thank you Colleen for the space and sound healing that you created on Saturday for me. It was such a blessed experience for me. I am currently integrating at the Omega centre in New York and the healing is continuing in grand and glorious ways. I am not sure this experience would have given me as many gifts had I not started this journey with you in love and healing.

My whole being thanks you for the awakening of my true self that, though had already been beginning to bud, was nourished in such an all encompassing way in your presence and here at Omega that it has become the flower that at last can open its petals to the light.

In Loving Kindness,

Kathy Coyle 2014

I find the massage-healing sessions magnificiently relaxing. It unravels the mind-body, establishing healing processes. I would certainly recommend the massage-healing to anyone. The sound events, similarly, set the stage for healing, as primordial sounds resonate within our collective innerness. By listening and chanting we transcend the finite grasp of our cognitive selves to embrace collective empathy. These are enlivening and enlightening exercises in human sharing.

David Courtney

My treatment far exceeded my expectations. Colleen spent time listening carefully to my health issues and then tailored a number of approaches to maximize my healing and comfort. Her space is clean, very well equipped and peaceful. I came away feeling energized and relaxed and in much better shape than when I arrived. She has a lovely way about her and I really appreciate the exciting modalities she is using. Thank you!

Maggie Vanderweit

I have known Colleen for three years and have had the incredible opportunity to witness and experience the transformational healing work that she facilitates. The most unique part of Colleen’s craft is her intuitive connection to shamanic wisdom. From her angelic voice & amazing Crystal Bowls, to her extensive knowledge of indigenous healing techniques, Colleen accesses a very wide variety of therapeutic modalities.

Her understanding of how sound affects the body is miraculous and it is standard for her to eliminate the most troublesome symptoms within a single session. The response and sense of community she has woven together here in Ontario & beyond has resulted in permanent healing paths for many, many beings. She has not only created a remarkable space for hands on healing but has also built a venue for community, hosting a wide range of events to promote the cultivation of collective health awareness and higher consciousness

Thank you Colleen for sharing your ancient wisdom and bringing your transcendent, healing gifts to Fergus.

Ryan Gray ***

I can’t express with words how magical your sound therapy was today. Your chanting took me to another place and with each instrument you used, I felt it touch a deeper place in my soul.

One of the most incredible things was that throughout the session, I felt pressure building up in my abdomen area that you were working on. It was building and building. After we were finished I knew I needed to go to the bathroom and as I peed I felt that tension (and pain I had been feeling for the longest time) leave my body – what an incredible feeling!

Melissa Stewart ***

“As Colleen sings, she invites us into the Deva realm while remaining right here. She throws perfect timed handfuls of sand and I feel I am privileged enough to witness how Mother Earth herself, in the form of a Woman, by the gentle rocking of archetypal sound, create the heartbeat of every wave against every strand. She takes me on a Shaman’s journey to that place where time and space cease to rule and rhythm and being take their place. This flower of the Celts is one that plays with unicorns.”

Kent Johansen

“Colleen has a special gift. Her healing hands and beautiful voice make for an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or a deeper transformational healing, she will provide you with exactly what you need. I have enjoyed many sessions from her and look forward to many more!”

Surya Devi – Musician & Holistic Therapist

“This past Summer I had a healing session with Colleen, it was unplanned and spontaneous, I saw her do some healing on the horses with her Omega wand and that morning I had a tooth ache, as well I was just feeling really …blah…so I asked Colleen if she could try it on me, and she so generously and graciously did. When she worked on me it felt like I was in a water fall being purified with love. Then she massaged my neck and my hands and I was able to heal something’s that have been locked in my body, I released some memories, and she intuitively just knew, and she was there with me beside me just loving me. I felt safe and loved. Since that day my tooth has not caused me any pain, it went from a 7 to a Zero  and I’ve been feeling able to love myself more and accept myself more and most of all forgive myself. The energy that Colleen facilitates is pure divine love, and I am so grateful for Colleen.”

Love Larissa ***

“Thank you for the wonderful moments shared in touching a musical place that needs to be opened much wider.”

Ian Dakers

“I met Colleen after she attended a workshop of mine, and I immediately felt a connection to her when she invited me for a healing session. I usually don’t allow people that I don’t know well to work on me, but I felt safe and open to her. Her spirit is comforting and inviting, and she seemed to identify what I was at the time dealing with, which was a pain in my inner back, and it had been there for so long that I had stopped talking about it to anyone and had just been dealing with it. I was in a state of crisis, and had been hiding it well, and I felt that she was like an angel coming to my call. Once she started to work on me, I felt a calmness come over me, as well as the energy of the crystals and she started to hone in on the exact spot of my inner pain and work intensely there. She seemed to have been able to grab on to whatever was hooked into me, and at the moment that I felt it start to detach, I saw a vision of a little, scared child saying ‘no…don’t leave!’, and she disappeared at the same time that Colleen seemed to release her. I say her because I believe that it was a part of my identity that was connected to genetic memories of my family’s history of generations of residential schools, and I was also at the time doing workshops for the last few years on the impacts on families of residential schools. I felt that I did not know what could have become of me if that little girl hadn’t been able to be released. I felt that it would have made me ill. That particular pain never did return. It has been over two years now, and I thank Colleen for being present enough to recognize a person in need of healing, because it has helped me to continue my healing journey with others.”

Meeka Noelle Morgan ***

“Wonderful interpretation, Universe must be SO proud of your channeling its infinite – perpetual energy & sharing-healing others.”

Gord Hamilton

“Beautiful Voice of an Angel, thanks for sharing this gift with us ♥”

Paul Moldovanos

“Gratitude indeed for sharing your epic adventure with us through this beautiful sound visual…Incredible voice you have too! What a gift.”

Jennifer Fletcher

“Pure beauty and gratitude”

Madeleine Bachan Kaur

About Colleen’s CD Emerald City Wave Sounds:
“A beautifully crafted experience. I listen to a lot of recordings of crystal bowls and a lot of ambient soundscapes – and this album is something special. There is a beautiful sadness that has been captured in the vocals that allow the bowls and other instruments of choice in this album to provide an experience that leaves one inspired by the beauty of what it means to be human. Thank-you for this gift!!”

derrick ☆

“This is absolutely profound….. I am working at healing in a way not explored, thanks to your CD”
Joanne McCombe

“Beautiful… love your voice :)”
Pablo Carreño

“Big Hug and so much LOVE to you… Loved to hear your voice again. Very good!!!”
Vitor Hugo Hugo

I feel nothing but gratitude for the time spent at the Enchanted Healing Centre. Colleen and her mother Wynne are absolutely wonderful people.
I am astonished by the work Colleen does. Thank you for taking the time to understand my needs on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels, and healing me with tender touch, aromatherapy, sound, song, and therapeutic words. Wynne, thank you for lovely flowing conversation and company, and pampering me in ways that left me feeling nothing but spoiled, beautiful, and blessed.

I left feeling refreshed, rejuvinated, and able to recognize my inner strength, balance, peace of mind and divinity
True healers and workers of light . Namaste.

Melanie Klein

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