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Colleen has been singing, co-creating music and weaving songs since as far back as her childhood. The gift of music was always present from her Mother & Father singing and playing their instruments to Colleen as she was very young and putting her in music lessons from a very young age.

Sound healing music has also healed Colleen through two very traumatic car accidents, one in which she was unconscious for three days and suffered serious internal brain injuries, broken jaw, and was in a wheelchair for three months. 

Colleen’s healing music has assisted many people in healing for over 20 years now. Her sound weaving  intentions are that her songs provide the highest of healing and to be an expression of truth and of service to the healing and awakening of all life. 

These sound healing offerings is a great blessing from Colleen's heart which holds the deepest of respect to her guides, Maestro’s, teachers, her parents, and all plant medicines that have brought her such enlightenment  to share with this world…always in deep Gratitude for the sound of music in honour of the *Holy Mother & Father Above*

Colleen is currently writing a book with vocals co-creating an audio book template to provide more understanding of the power of sound and how to use sound for healing.

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"Weaving Wings" features all of the instruments used during Colleen’s Healing Sessions.

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