Our Team

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Rebecca Keating

Community Assistant, Shamanic Healer and Kambo Practioner

Rebecca serves as a community assistant at the enCHANTed healing center along with her Sacred Partner Johnny. As a community assistant, she guides visitors around the sacred lands and assists with the delicious food made with love. She brings a warm, friendly vibration into everything she does helping people feel like home at the center. She also hosts community gatherings in Port Credit, Ontario where Colleen offers her sound healing ceremonies and other sacred offerings.

Rebecca is an Advanced Kambo Practitioner, a Shamanic Practitioner and is the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism." Rebecca was a Registered Nurse in her previous career giving her a deeper understanding of safety, chronic illness and overall wellness. With her nurse background, Rebecca continues to work with all types of clients from those with complex health conditions to clients who want to reset and up level their entire system. She has been serving Kambo for 6 years.

Rebecca is the Founder and Owner of Shaman Sisters®, an online store and gemstone boutique specializing in high-end and unique pieces located near Toronto, Canada. She is also the founder of a sacred space called The Aura Room where she offers her healing practice, holds events with a range of different practitioners, as well as Shamanic Ceremonies and courses.

Rebecca is steward of crystalline beings here to assist in anchoring the crystalline frequencies and merging of ancient and future technologies for aligning with the highest timeline. She is ceremonialist who is in tune with collective energies, and she weaves Shamanic Practices with crystals, sound healing, light language, breathwork, and plant medicines in her community service. 

Rebecca honors the Sacred Elements of creation with reverence for the Earth and all of her creatures, her waters, the fire, the air and Aether (spirit) in gratitude of co-creation in this realm. She loves writing, nature, creativity, prayer, celebration and the beauty of life. Her Medicine dog Zeus is usually with her bringing joy, laughter and connection to the inner child. 


Vanessa Morell

Website Coordinator, Administration Assistant, Yoga Instructor

Vanessa Morell is enCHANTed Healing Centers full time Website coordinator, Administration Assistant and is a Yoga Instructor.

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Community Vegan Chef

Johnny aka “Johnny the Baker” serves as a community vegan chef at the enCHANTed healing center along with his Sacred Partner Rebecca. You will see Johnny cooking the most amazing vegan food with love as the main ingredient for our gatherings, lighting the fireplaces, maintaining the sacred grounds with his playful, joyful and child-like presence. He also hosts community gatherings in Port Credit, Ontario where Colleen offers her sound healing ceremonies and other sacred offerings.

Johnny started his healing journey 18 years ago because he was unhappy with his life and how he was being in the world. He lived a reckless life, valuing money and success over people, highly toxic behaviours over health and well being and material things over healthy relationships. His mind, body and soul felt out of balance which triggered his journey to living a more holistic, disciplined  lifestyle. He now dedicates his life to serving others and making a global impact. He loves LIFE and brings light and humour to whatever possible to spread the joy to all those around him.

Johnny is a self-taught vegan chef. He cooks and bakes every meal he makes with so much love and compassion. When you eat his food you instantly feel a sense of joy and love. Not only are the dishes made with love, they are also very nutritious made with the most high quality ingredients available. 

Johnny’s sacred relationship with Rebecca transformed the way he lived life. You will hear him many times speak on how much his relationship with Rebecca has improved the quality of his life. 

Johnny loves Rebecca, drumming, baking, cooking, cleaning, the sunshine, his children, adventure, the outdoors, and shamanic journeying. You will love his presence and enjoy being around his child-like, playful manner.



Community Volunteer Guardian of the Lands

Monty serves as a community gathering assistant, tending to the garden and maintaining the land. You will see him caring for the dogs on the property by daily walks, feeding and lots of play. He also prepares food for and assisting with community gatherings by cleaning the ceremony space before and after gatherings in addition to ensuring sleeping spaces are well prepared for guests to enjoy.

Monty Zonis was born in Israel and raised in Toronto. His passions in life are self growth and discovery, and immersing himself in nature. He is always smiling and laughing. His intention in life is to be of service to others by working in communities and volunteering with organizations that resonate with his values of environmental sustainability and healing. He is currently spending his days immersed in nature in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica, allowing him to deepen his love for the country, its culture and existing communities. Travel is an important part of his life and he has spent many months traveling Latin America. He connects deeply to this culture and sees his future years in Costa Rica. His working background is in Logistics and Transportation, where he spent 17+ years in the industry, but felt a strong calling to make a big change by living life in a different way. His connection to nature and desire to learn and grow with others guide him to live a more conscious and impactful life. His hobbies include hiking, biking, camping, surfing, playing musical instruments, and cooking. Monty is currently learning Spanish and speaks English, Hebrew and some Russian.



Medicine Dog and Professional Cuddler

Caspera is one of Colleen's beautiful dogs at the Enchanted healing center. She was originally a stray dog from Peru found by Colleen and later taken back to Canada after her travels. Caspera is a Mama of 4 puppies from Peru. Her brother has Capera's first born puppy now, and her other girlfriends have the three other puppies safe and sound and out of danger from the rough life in the streets of Peru. Caspera has been with Colleen for many years and brings so much joy and love to the center. You will find her coming up for pets and cuddles and eating the cats food. She sometimes sits in community gatherings serving as a medicine dog. Caspera is 11yrs old now.



Medicine Dog and Hiking Companion

Echo is another one of Colleen's beautiful dogs at the Enchanted healing center. When you first meet Echo, you notice her friendly and playful nature. She loves going out for walks with guests and being in the outdoors.


Bandit & Shilo

Balance Helpers

Bandit and Shilo are lovers. They are 18 years old rescue cats from B.C. They are balance helpers at the Enchanted healing center. They love and adore your caring attention and mostly love to be cuddled. Their purring vibrations bring a healing peaceful and comforting vibration into the home.



Pearl is an 11 yr old rescued abused cat, who is from B.C. She loves the outdoors and has matured very nicely over the years and now gets along with all the animals in the home. She has a very warm loving purrr-resence and loves when you turn on the tap for her to drink fresh water.