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Sacred Mentorship

*2023 Applications are closed*

Turn all things to honey, this is the law of divine living...~

Sri Aurobindo

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 About Sacred Mentorship with Colleen

A Letter by Colleen

Aloha Aina...YESSS to LIFE***Are you holding back your beauty in the name of being humble, modest, or spiritually proper? What a pity. Nature never holds back, so why should you? If you have it, share it in honor of Nature herself. Let your Grace and your Beauty Shine forth like a brilliant star providing Light. The sunset never holds back its beauty in the name of some spiritual concept. Look at all the flowers, the trees, the birds, and the bees... they're all expressing themselves fully, providing their fragrance and shining their colors without reservation.

Share your beauty not for egoic pleasure, but as an Honoring of who and what you are. If you do, you will inspire others to do the same and they will grow from your expression. If you don't, what a great loss. Express your beauty like a Flower opening itself to the Sun and let your fragrance go out into the world and fill it up with LOVE!

mmmmmmmama Sita la madre connection to the heart of TRUTH within UNITY ...Undauntedly charging the unknown with strength of Jaguar and agility of sweet Hummingbird...Crossing from the Dark into the Light*

May we sing & teach the ancient prayer songs/ stories with graceful reverence, and be strong, compassionate & courageous in our silent prayers together. May we gather in heartfelt choir & communion with all thy elementals which guide us all hOMe towards the stars*

May we dive into the collective shadow of all minds with heart source center guiding us through stillness ever step of our forgetful way...for in silence and solitude all is truly revealed.

For all our answers are in the vibrating forms of rock temples that sit in silent Machu Picchu echoes, shape shifting & channeling the greatest coding templates your light body of 13 chakras & beyond could ever behold in this life time.

***Praying for the fiery Rainbow serpent birds of PRAYER to Return***

Bear witness the seedling-spirit as it grows from Uku~Pacha lightning rainbows to Kay~Pacha in rain clouds of the heavens onto Hanan~Pacha whistling through caves and springs while riding winds language on lone wolf howls, amongst the earth, air, water and fire elements while giving birth for the 5th element to rise into full balance with the feminine & masculine in Union catalyzing great change for sacred partnership to be in balance for all our relations upon this New Earth we are Birthing right now for thy next 7 generations to cOMe*

For we are the bridge & gap between this human world, the lower world and the world above, remembering we Are self united…as the God’s themselves are eternally*

Our ancestral multidimensional god/goddess selves within heart center source has never been bound to only one particular realm, for the Mountains of the Incas rise within our united crystalline water molecule memory cells on all levels, lightning hearts and revealing eternal treasures of our buried selves inside each of us in our own unique souls and the mission it is we have all chosen to return here for long ago!

May we hear these whispers deeply within and shine ever so brightly in one heART, one Soul, one Mind, and One ever evolving light body in grace and holy shrine*

and so it isss...x3...

~ In heart, gratitude, prayer & song by Colleen Ariel

🙏 ❤️ 🙏

2024 Application

*Limited to 3-4 people

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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