Heart Writings

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In the Den of the Serpent, in the womb of the Mother, I invite you to face your death. When you walk through that threshold, there will be the meeting of the masculine and feminine and the unity beyond that, which is what we seek. Put yourself deep into your heart, deep into the heart of the Mother.

Move backward into time to your death before you were born. I invite you to move into that void that darkness; to disappear all form and need of form; to disappear all self and need of self, to walk to death of self…and then to walk more; beyond your fears, beyond your darkest hiding places…walk more. Walk into the Den of the Serpent in…in..in! Walk into the coldest, darkest places without form, without self, until you have met the stillness in the eyes of the Serpent and are reconciled with Death. Move into the eyes of the Serpent, the stillness. As you do, you are beyond the pain of fear, of death and darkness.

Find Nothingness here and know Nothingness as your friend. The eyes of the Serpent are the door way of Death. From there, you will know a small fire, a single flame. Put your soul there. From the flame is a thin, blue wisp of smoke. This is the Masculine principle. Follow that thin, blue line of smoke upward…as it moves into the world of the Earth, creating the masculine polarity. Embody all that this means-the power and the wisdom. This fine wisp of smoke becomes the coding of one side of your DNA. Embody it fully and cleanly. Take everything of yourself into the divine Masculine Principle, and everything of the Masculine Principle into you; in it’s pure power, in it’s pure intention.

Feel this Masculine energy in the middle of your spirit, in the middle of your spine, in the center of everything. Accept, embrace, hold and birth the Masculine ~the Light Fire. From our consciousness we send this pure light of fire, the pure Divine Masculine, into the Planet, into our brothers and sisters, into nature. I ask now for the Masculine in everything to be presented free and clear as the God’s intended. From your soul spread the fire of the masculine into every living thing; spread it into the DNA of life.

Flood the world with this knowing from your soul-from the soul united, from the fire in everything. Feel the fire of the masculine in Pachamama, in Mother Earth, in Gaia. Claim also the masculine in our great feminine symbols. Feel the masculine power of the moon. When the masculine has spread you will know it; there you will find quiet.

Yet the resonance so full and so complete is missing its complement-that makes the resonance of the masculine something special, something powerful. That is the resonance of the Divine Feminine. Look up now into the stars, until you find a star that sends a thin, silver thread through the cosmos to the earth, into form. Bring the Divine Principle of the feminine, the other side of your DNA into you, down your spine. Feel the complete, the pure and the powerful Divine Feminine entering you now, fully, directly. She comes and spreads the power through you, through all consciousness. Through her she gives meaning to the masculine by bringing the presence of the feminine. Feel the completion, connection, concordance as she softly moves her silver starlight into all things and all parts of things, into all life and all thought. As the Divine Feminine spreads, you feel softness, stillness, completion. What was the fire and smoke combine with what is the star and silver light -whole, twirling around each other in spiral and helix, balanced perfectly. Both are powerful. Both define the other. Through the Earth now, through all life, through the mineral kingdom, through everything…the Divine Feminine brings her power.

As the light, the essence of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine spiral together, there is once again a serpent. This is not the Serpent of death, but the Serpent of New Life, of Unity. The Rainbow Serpent of myth is born and balanced within you, within consciousness. Feel the power of the birthing, again aligned and balanced- the rainbow Serpent, the New Life. Know yourself beyond Male and female, beyond opposition of any kind. Know yourself as United.

Feel the consciousness of the birthing of the Rainbow Serpent together. The Rainbow Serpent is all diversity in One. Gather that energy here in the Den of the Serpent before we give it birth to the world. Feel the energy growing in the womb of Mother Earth, the birthing place of the Rainbow Serpent.

Feel the power build in this cave, in this den. Our intention is so holy and so ancient. The power coils and spirals around us, within us, between us, and when we are ready, the heavens will open and draw out the rainbow Serpent from the den, up into the Universe to be made manifest, to bring balance for all human kind when it is ready. Feel the Heavens open and the Serpent emerge.

Balanced beyond Masculine and Feminine, the divine Oneness is apparent in form in our world. We ask with our strongest intentions, our greatest of prayers that the power of the Serpent will help brush away those things of imbalance that have come to be apart of our world. We pray to bring the great balance of Earth and Stars together in to the heart and soul of man and woman, into our children and theirs. As we accepted death our selves, with our intent on behalf of the human community, we accept death of that which no longer serves the One. We humans, on behalf of those still awakening, accept death of the Illusion. We understand what we are asking for and we will not be deterred.

This message is for the Buffalo people, the People of the Puma, and children of the stars* Allow your hearts to break open into a billion rainbow pieces so that you will know that it is done and it is good. I am Kumaru of the solar temple. I am the woman of the medicine wheel. I thank-you!

~The Eagle and the Condor

Author Jonette Crowley

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