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Sacred Shop

Welcome to our Sacred Shop at Enchanted Healing Center. All of our products have been uniquely hand-crafted by Indigenous tribes from around the world and helps to support their families and communities. We thank Pachamama for all of her blessings. And so it is. Aho.

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Colleen's heart has been called to support the Yawanawá tribe from Brazil and is offering sacred snuff hape products, clothing, kurpies, pipes and plant medicine tapestries from these beautiful indigenous tribes.


Products can be ordered through this email address~ 

Hapé Shop

Hapé is a medicine that originates from certain Brazilian tribes. It is primarily made from jungle tobacco and the ashes of other healing plants. It is applied into the nose with intention and focus. It is used for releasing any stuck or blocked energies, clearing and cleansing the chakras, and grounding after deep work in meditation. It operates on all levels of being, physical, emotional, spiritual. For the tribes, this medicine works in synergy with other medicines, enabling a full cleansing to take place.

Shipibo Textiles

The Shipibo are an ancient indigenous tribe of the Western Amazon rainforest in Peru and are highly knowledgeable of rainforest plant medicines, such as Grandmother Medicines. The Shipibo, who are also known as “Shamanic Maestros and Maestras”, are known for their deep connection with the nature of the rainforest that reflects and inspires all aspects of their life – physical, cultural and spiritual.

The Shamanic Maestros and Maestras through their vision quests with plant medicines create beautiful works of woven textiles, beaded jewellery and musical instruments, which incorporate designs reflecting the energetic expressions and healing Icaros of the spiritual world.  The practice of translating the energetic patterns into beautiful works of art are taught to the Shipibo youth at a very young age from their mothers and fathers.

Women's Shipibo Clothing & Jewelry

Men's Shipibo Clothing & Jewelry

Purium Superfoods

Organic Superfood Nutrition

Purium offers plant-based foods that are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and minerals that regular body pH levels and support every system of the body, from immune function to mental acuity.

Our products are made with the most potent superfoods such as spirulina, wheatgrass, beets and aloe. Whatever your preferred dietary lifestyle, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo or keto, we have plant-powered protein, fruits and vegetables and gut health products to fuel your best life! We pride ourselves on our ability to source highest quality and purest foods from organic farms around the globe.

Please let us support you by using this gift card, giving you 50$ off or 25%, depending on the amount of your purchase:

Contact Kate Key Lambert and Janet Toner to guide you through your order and provide you all the information you need. Blessings.

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