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Welcome to our Sacred Shop at Enchanted Healing Center. All of our products have been uniquely hand-crafted by Indigenous tribes from around the world and helps to support their families and communities. We thank Pachamama for all of her blessings. And so it is. Aho.

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Shaman Sisters/
Kambo Healing

We are grateful to our friends at Shaman Sisters and Kambo Healing for sourcing uniquely hand-crafted products by the Shipibo Women of Peru and other Indigenous Tribes which helps to support their families and communities. Please look through our shop gallery below. For any products, you wish to purchase, email:

Hapé Shop

Hapé is a medicine that originates from certain Brazilian tribes. It is primarily made from jungle tobacco and the ashes of other healing plants. It is applied into the nose with intention and focus. It is used for releasing any stuck or blocked energies, clearing and cleansing the chakras, and grounding after deep work in meditation. It operates on all levels of being, physical, emotional, spiritual. For the tribes, this medicine works in synergy with other medicines, enabling a full cleansing to take place.

Shipibo Textiles

The Shipibo are an ancient indigenous tribe of the Western Amazon rainforest in Peru and are highly knowledgeable of rainforest plant medicines, such as Grandmother Medicines. The Shipibo, who are also known as “Shamanic Maestros and Maestras”, are known for their deep connection with the nature of the rainforest that reflects and inspires all aspects of their life – physical, cultural and spiritual.

The Shamanic Maestros and Maestras through their vision quests with plant medicines create beautiful works of woven textiles, beaded jewellery and musical instruments, which incorporate designs reflecting the energetic expressions and healing Icaros of the spiritual world.  The practice of translating the energetic patterns into beautiful works of art are taught to the Shipibo youth at a very young age from their mothers and fathers.

Women's Shipibo Clothing & Jewelry

Men's Shipibo Clothing & Jewelry

Purium Superfoods

Organic Superfood Nutrition

Purium offers plant-based foods that are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and minerals that regular body pH levels and support every system of the body, from immune function to mental acuity.

Our products are made with the most potent superfoods such as spirulina, wheatgrass, beets and aloe. Whatever your preferred dietary lifestyle, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo or keto, we have plant-powered protein, fruits and vegetables and gut health products to fuel your best life! We pride ourselves on our ability to source highest quality and purest foods from organic farms around the globe.

Please let us support you by using this gift card, giving you 50$ off or 25%, depending on the amount of your purchase:

Contact Kate Key Lambert and Janet Toner to guide you through your order and provide you all the information you need. Blessings.

Kate Key Lambert


Janet Toner


See below for details on the Purium Superfoods Products

Transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and more balanced mood with the 30 days Ultimate Life Transformation (ULT).  This is where most people start their journey with Purium.  If you simply want to sustain daily nutrition and wellness, the Daily Core 4 pack is the solution for everyday cleansing and nourishment.  In those 2 packs, you will find:

The Power Shake -To support energy. Reduce cravings. Fuel your cells. Create Satiety.

The Super Amino 23 -To create lean muscles. Support skin elasticity. Burn fat. Support mental acuity. 

Biome Medic -To dexoxify glyphosate. Support Digestion & Immunity. 

Apothe-Cherry - To support sleep. Combat free radical damage. Beautify skin. Create a healthy response to inflammation

Super CleansR (in ULT) - To support healthy bowel function. Release toxins and buildup. Support elimination of parasites. 

Boost immunity, build muscles, burn fat, improve sleep, balance weight and hormones with some of the most powerful supplements and herbs on earth! Feel the difference.  Make a difference. Share the difference. 

Purium, it is a total of 64 products.  We have products for kids, teens, adults and even dogs! And for cats?  It’s on the way! Supplements and superfoods for the brain, the eyes, the skin and hair, the heart, the adrenals, the joints, the guts and much more. Unique ingredients, for unique needs. 

Through Purium, not only will you find superfoods to feed your different bodies, but you’ll also find an amazing community of heart centred people, caring for all living beings. 

We are caring so much for the planet that we went plastic free up to 95% in 2021.  All the pouches are biodegradable.  We do our best to leave the lowest carbon footprint on this beautiful planet. 

About the Purium Superfoods Team


About Kate

Kate's been on a sobriety path since 2010.  She worked as a nurse assistant for nearly 10 years in a hospital in cardiology, electrophysiology, medicine, palliative care and children pshychiatics. It was always a great privilege for her to care for patients. In 2013, she started working with plant medicines.  The more veils were lifted, the less she felt aligned to work in the system. 

In 2017, she became a Kambo practitioner.  She left the system in 2018, lived in the woods for 2 years and was holding group retreats. That time in solitude gave her the space to dive in deeper to her own healing journey. She started singing more and more and playing a few instruments.  Music as always been an important tool in her healing journey and practice.  

Kate is holding Hapay ceremonies and meditations once a week, also offering a safe space for sharing. This works is supported through music, light language and singing.

She became an Advanced Kambo Practitioner in 2021, although the world as we know it today made her take a different course as she only does private sessions now.  This is when Purium entered her life.  Everyone needs to eat. And these superfoods are allowing her to continue supporting others though gut cleanse, lifestyle transformation and offering guidance on people's journey. 

One of Kate's calling has always been to care for people.  And beyond this, to help people help themselves, guiding them back to their own power, knowing that one of the greatest journey is to go within, trusting that the path to freedom is to go back to BEING fully who we came here to BE.  And... Trusting The Process!


About Janet

Janet has been a successful restaurant owner for 30 years.  What made her so successful is that she deeply cared for her employees, and deeply cared for the quality of the food she was serving, knowing what she knew at the time. 

She's been on a healing path for many years, became a Reiki Master and changed her lifestyle but some life events brought her back to her old habbits for a few years.  

Then Kambo and plant medicines came into her life in 2018 and this is when she dove in deeply into her healing journey.  She became sober and really started to take care of her health. She lost a lot of weight and healed herself from fibromyalgia. Along the way, she builded a healing room, started hosting Kambo ceremonies and meditations, and started assisting in Kambo ceremonies. 

In 2021, she sold her restaurant. That came as a true blessing, after so many years in that stressful industry. This is when Purium came to her door, allowing her to take her health to the next level.  Through her own transformation, after a year, she decided to go back into business sharing much healthier products that she was serving before! She wishes for people to feel how she feels, so she share her own experience and offers guidance.

Janet is walking the talk, always trying new tools and modalities to feel better and better everyday.  Knowing that the more we change within, the more we see change without.

She deeply cares for humans and all living species.  

She's a people gatherer, and wishes to participate in weaving together an amazing community.