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Sat, Sep 17



Bobinsana Dieta

Bobinsana~ From Help Healing Grief, Heartbreak and Pain to Shamanic Lucid Dreaming – Medicine To Open The Heart

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Bobinsana Dieta
Bobinsana Dieta

Time & Location

Sep 17, 2022, 7:00 p.m. – Sep 26, 2022, 11:00 p.m.

Verona, Verona, ON K0H, Canada

About the event

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Bobinsana is a Master Plant Teachera relative of the mimosa tree, tends to grow alongside water such as rivers and streams and is particularly populous along the Huallaga and Mayo rivers in Eastern Peru. It is not difficult to miss or confuse this herb with another as it has brilliant anemone-like flowers that open and glow red-pink atop the green leaves in the early morning and late afternoon. Calliandra angustifolia is native to South America and is prevalent throughout the Amazon in the countries of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil. The Shipibo indigenous traditions along the Ucayali river where our retreats are based, refer to the bush as semein. The plant has several medicinal uses, as well as spiritual qualities.

Different elements of the plant will be prepared in a variety of ways, depending on the medicinal purpose. For example, the bark is frequently extracted, then deconcocted or boiled for a long period of time in order to treat rheumatism, to act as a contraceptive and to stimulate the nervous system. The same process is repeated with the roots of the shrub to treat disorders of the uterus and to cleanse the blood. The entire plant may be boiled, (that includes the leaves, stems, bark, root, and flowers) to energize the body and mind.

In terms of spiritual qualities, this teacher can be offered together with Ayahuasca as part of a Master Plant dieta to enhance the hallucinogenic properties of Ayahuasca and therefore hasten the student’s connection to the spirit world through ceremony. It is important to note that Bobinsana alone is not a hallucinogen or psychedelic, rather it works symbiotically with Ayahuasca to create a powerful holotropic substance with herbal synergies.

In the Shipibo traditions, this shrub is a teacher, first and foremost and is well known for its gentle stimulating effects and its ability to open the heart to greater compassion, strength, and guidance from the spirit realm. It is also beneficial for enhancing dream states or lucid dreaming, where emotional trauma can be healed.

Although it has not been scientifically proven, the bush is traditionally used as a contraceptive in South America. If you are looking to get pregnant, please look to other herbs for your dieta.

Bobinsana is known by the scientific name Calliandra angustifolia, and there are many common anmes including balata, bubinianal, capabo, newei, semein, and more depending on the region of the amazon.

Growing up to 6 meters in height in water rich regions, this great timber is a rich source of MAO-inhibitors and COX-inhibitors, traditionally taken in a tincture product, extract, or added to a tea infusion. Shamans will often suggest this for arthritis, rheumatism, or chronic musculoskeletal pains. From an energetic perspective, these herbs will introduce a heart-centered sense of calm into your being, allowing you to reflect and stretch your roots.

Calliandra angustifolia has incredible potential for spiritual growth and heart opening. It can open up the dietero to a deep sense of surrender and connection to nature. Communicating with this plant spirit is said to provide deep comfort to those with heartbreak or grief. As such, it is an immensely valuable tool for releasing stored trauma from past events.

Bobinsana Health Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Tonic
  • Depurative
  • Stimulant
  • Anticancerous
  • Contraceptive
  • Diuretic

Do you have a particular obstacle or experience that you associate with your vocal freedom? Whether you already love to sing or you feel your voice is blossoming, there is always an opportunity to delve deeper into understanding your relationship with your voice even more fully. In indigenous tribes an unwell member of the community was asked, “

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing”

We were born to sing and dance.


We will practice self-healing techniques, surrender, forgiveness, and self-love that guides you back to your heart and the remembrance of the power of your unique soul essence.


Bobinsana is a deep catalyst for healing grief and supporting us with healing layers that have been protecting our hearts. Through the dieta our dream time and connection with our guides become much more prominent. Please note that Bobinsana is a natural MAO-inhibitor and shouldn’t be consumed while having any MAO or SSR inhibitors. Please consult your doctor. Also, Bobinsana is natural contraception so it shouldn’t be used if you’re interested in conceiving a child, pregnant, or breastfeeding.


Open your heart and connect to a truly profound medicine. Spread over 10 days, this course offers students the opportunity to uncover sacred knowledge that bobinsana has to offer.

Day 1

Meditation Sound Healing Ceremony with Colleen

Day 2

Intention Setting & Opening Bobinsana Dieta with Colleen Facilitating the Dieta

Day 3,4,5,6,7

Fasting, Eating Light In Sacred Silence & Nature

Fasting is an essential component of the Master Plant Teachers. Colleen will invite the group to fast for 12 or 24 hours after drinking the first cup of Bobinsana tea. After the 12/24 hours fast, the participants will be allowed to eat a simple meal with rice & potatoes once a day containing no oil or salt, or any of the foods they have committed to abstaining from for the duration of their dieta.

Bobinsana is a deep catalyst for healing grief and supporting us with healing layers that have been protecting our hearts. Through the dieta our dream time and connection with our guides become much more prominent. This is a deep journey and having space for integration, reflection, and journaling afterward is highly recommended.

Day 8

Integration & Grounding & Voice Song Workshop

It is said that 99% of our work with plant medicines is with our integration. Together, we’ll learn and share practices that support integrating our everyday life with the teachings and wisdom we’ve received from Bobinsana so that we may weave gracefully as our dieta comes to a close. We’ll take turns speaking from our hearts, sharing the truth of our experience during the Dieta. You will walk away from this session feeling inspired to carry your new wisdom, insights, and courage into your daily life and relationships with others.

Day 9

Meditation Sound Healing Ceremony with Colleen

Day 10

Group Sharing Circle

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