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Bobinsana Dieta

This coming summer from August 20-30 2023 Colleen Ariel will be holding another Bobinsana Dieta on the Enchanted Healing Lands. If you wish to join & or receive more information on this please look under the "Events" section to RSVD your reservation! In this video you will hear from 3 people who attended the 10 Day Bobinsana Dieta facilitated by Colleen last summer of 2022. This video captures very intimate experiences & heart sharings of how this very delicate, lucid & gentle flowering plant called "Bobinsana" brought much healing to their hearts, souls, minds, and physical being. The first heart sharing is by Lauren Myers singing new songs on her guitar that was she was gifted by the Bobinsana plant)...The second sharing is by "Eke Idika"....The third sharing is by "Ben Jacobs"

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