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It is with deep gratitude to share this new Youtube video with you where I am being interviewed by my dear sister Shika Chica who has been working with me & Ayahuasca for over 5 years now. If you feel called to share this video with someone you know who may need healing please spread this message forward Some of the things we discuss in this video is our upcoming 2025 retreats in Costa Rica and Peru, the gifts my heart is called to share in my ceremonies when working with Ayahuasca & all her plant allies, how Ayahuasca rewired the damaged neurotransmitters in my brain from a traumatic car accident I was in that left me unconscious for 3 days, the Gratitude I hold from learning & working with my two Maestro’s & Teachers across the globe for over 16yrs, the transformational healing one receives when invoking the light & being offered water blessings to cleanse and clear, the importance of community, the true language written in our DNA-“God Eternal Within The Body”, and the transformative healing that one undergoes when working with Ayahuasca & all her plant allies when choosing to Dieta. Our upcoming Plant Medicine Retreats in Peru & Costa Rica 2025 Include- •Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bobinsana, Breath-work, Yoga, Conscious Movement, Cacao, Sananga, RAPÉ, Sweat-lodges, Water blessings, Sacred Song Circles, Psychosomatic Therapy, Visiting Sacred Sites, Learning from the Indigenous elders, making beaded jewelry, supporting our indigenous elders & holding deep reverence & respect towards these abundant purifying jungle lands and all of PachaMamas healing plant allies! To register for our upcoming 2025 Ayahuasca Retreats please go to my Website & click on the events page- Or please email-

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