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Music by Colleen

Colleen has been studying music, writing, performing, since a very young age. She has recorded two CD’s. Her first Crystal Bowl CD “ Emerald City Wave Sounds” was recorded in late 2006.
Colleen’s second CD “Weaving Wings” was recorded in 2015 and has been used throughout her global sound healing events to raise awareness on the power of sound and how she used music to heal her TBI (traumatic brain injuries in 2008).

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"Weaving Wings" features all of the instruments used during Colleen’s Healing Sessions.

About Colleen

Song Weaver/ Sound Alchemist.  Facilitator of the Healing Arts.  Sound Healing Transformational/Integration Mentor.

Colleen Linseman is the inspiration and owner of the enCHANTed Healing Center. Colleen has over 20 years of working experience in transformational healing arts. After experiencing two very traumatic car accidents, she was strongly challenged to self-heal herself. With the grace of many healing arts modalities, plant medicine allies and wise Elder guides, she has lived through them and today can share her deep medicinal wisdom of her understanding of what healing truly is as an initiated healer and channeller.

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 About Us

A Home for Healing, Love, Support, Exploration

*Reactivate your innate ability to heal yourself surrounded by all of nature’s gifts*

During your stay you have the option to book many different retreat packages. Choose from a variety of different healing modalities such as Infra red sauna sessions, shamanic healing treatments, shiatsu/deep tissue/aromatherapy massages along with crystal bowl sound baths featuring many other worldly instruments. Guided meditations and movement workshops are also available along with many other traditional sacred practices.

Sacred Shop

A Home for High Vibrational products hand-crafted by Indigenous peoples and tribes from around the world which helps to support their families and communities.


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