Colleen has recorded the mantras/affirmations she uses in her gatherings, these can be spoken out loud on a daily basis and used to meditate and retune with. This video holds so much intention to crystallize any space into a reservoir of healing. The love & light Colleen shares in community gatherings is alive in this video and can take you right into that space.

Incorporating prayer, affirmations, and blessings into your daily routine brings so much healing, especially as a way of honouring our water, food, and loved ones. Taking even five minutes to connect to the Hoʻoponopono intention of forgiveness: “I’m Sorry, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, Thank You” Will restructure and recalibrate your water cells. As you do this, you give permission to yourself and your waters within and to Pachamamma~Mother Earth to hold these healing light codes for all. As you know ALL is connected*

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