Ryan Gray ***

I have known Colleen for three years and have had the incredible opportunity to witness and experience the transformational healing work that she facilitates. The most unique part of Colleen’s craft is her intuitive connection to shamanic wisdom. From her angelic voice & amazing Crystal Bowls, to her extensive knowledge of indigenous healing techniques, Colleen accesses a very wide variety of therapeutic modalities.

Her understanding of how sound affects the body is miraculous and it is standard for her to eliminate the most troublesome symptoms within a single session. The response and sense of community she has woven together here in Ontario & beyond has resulted in permanent healing paths for many, many beings. She has not only created a remarkable space for hands on healing but has also built a venue for community, hosting a wide range of events to promote the cultivation of collective health awareness and higher consciousness

Thank you Colleen for sharing your ancient wisdom and bringing your transcendent, healing gifts to Fergus.

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