Cacao Crystal Bowl Sound Ceremonies

Share with us in one of our Cacao Ceremonies at the Enchanted Healing Center & Spa here in our Quan Yin Temple*

Based on Traditional South & Central American Techniques, A fresh, ceremonially prepared batch of raw Cacao Elixir leads the way to a night of ecstatic dance rooted in ancient wisdom and embellished with modern LightBody activations, Mayan code visualizations and Guided Meditation. Timelessly hailed as The Food of The Gods, the Cacao Spirit comes alive as our Meridian, Kundalini & cardiovascular systems ignite in a transformative journey into Heart Centered Awareness.


Suggested Donations…This includes live group musi with Colleen and Ryan sharing songs from their Weaving Wings CD and also singing alongside their Universal Gong, Crystal Bowls, Ryan’s Guitar, Drumming, Shruti box call and response Mantra Chanting, Group prayers, Water Blessings and so much more.


To book a Cacao Crystal Bowl Sound Ceremony with us please call 613-374-1177 for more information or please see our website for more details.





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