Mayan Day Out of Time ∇ Cacao Ceremony

enCHANTed Healing Center is now hosting

Cacao Ceremonies!



Based on Traditional South & Central American Techniques, A fresh, ceremonially prepared batch of raw Cacao Elixir leads the way to a night of ecstatic dance rooted in ancient wisdom and embellished with modern LightBody activations, Mayan code visualizations and Guided Meditation. Timelessly hailed as The Food of The Gods, the Cacao Spirit comes alive as our Meridian, Kundalini & cardiovascular systems ignite in a transformative journey into Heart Centered Awareness. The Ceremony also includes live, group music with Colleen’s Crystal Bowls, drumming, chanting, group prayer, dancing, and overall bliss!

Space is limited. Call 519-843-4333 to reserve your spot

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