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Wild Women’s Circle with Cacao, Kirtan, Water Prayers & Ecstatic Dance
By the Lake Church in Kingston March 2019

” I had the privilege of attending a Wild Woman’s Circle recently organized and guided by Colleen. On the way there, I was feeling a torrent of intense emotion building up, and some anxiety about being in a group setting, but as soon as I walked in the door, I immediately felt grounded and composed, especially after a warm hug from Colleen. Throughout the event, I was impressed by how much thought, consideration and attention to detail she brought to the event. From the very start, she was able to facilitate such a loving, open, and soulful space for everyone to be fully expressed and supported. The sense of collective communion that was created was deeply moving and rejuvenating. As Colleen guided us through different sacred songs with her ethereal, mesmerizing voice, and the cacao started to take effect, I felt my heart grow incandescent with a profound sense of joy and liberation.

The group energy was electrifying and profoundly transformative, and I felt my inhibitions melt away as we ecstatically danced together. To end the session, we did a gong meditation where I entered a deep trance and allowed those intense emotions to percolate to the surface and be alchemized with divine love and self-forgiveness. I shed many cathartic tears of compassion for my struggles, harsh self-criticism, perceived inadequacies and the collective sorrow of all beings suffering so unnecessarily. It was like open heart psychic surgery.

I felt so deeply grateful to have found a community where women can gather regularly to interface with like-minded souls and experience heartfelt, mystical and transcendent states, which we so desperately need in this age of insincerity, commodification, competition, and disconnection from our true essence and each other. To end the session, we gathered in a circle, held hands, expressed one thing we were thankful for, and chanted the most thunderous Ohm I have ever experienced. In a testament to the sense of community present, every single person hugged me goodbye, even those I was a bit shy to approach as I hadn’t engaged with them directly. A new friend was kind enough to give me a ride home, and I felt so blissful from that magical energy and the cacao still coursing through my veins, I made my own playlist to keep ecstatically dancing by myself. So I send an avalanche of profound love and gratitude to Colleen for masterfully organizing the event, holding space so gracefully, her sonic wizardry, and soulful, heartfelt energy. Can’t wait for the next gathering of high priestesses”!

By~ Andréa Prins 2019

“Mother of the Waters Concert In Toronto” 2018 with Misk’i Takiy & Colleen Ariel

Colleen Ariel Singing and performing in Algonquin at a friends wedding July 2018

Drumming Sound Healing Workshop in Sudbury Canada 2018

Kingston Electric Circuits 2018
Dj Magic and Colleen Ariel singing

Colleen Ariel Sound Event/Ecstatic Dance at Oasis Yoga 2017

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