Meeka Noelle Morgan ***

“I met Colleen after she attended a workshop of mine, and I immediately felt a connection to her when she invited me for a healing session. I usually don’t allow people that I don’t know well to work on me, but I felt safe and open to her. Her spirit is comforting and inviting, and she seemed to identify what I was at the time dealing with, which was a pain in my inner back, and it had been there for so long that I had stopped talking about it to anyone and had just been dealing with it. I was in a state of crisis, and had been hiding it well, and I felt that she was like an angel coming to my call. Once she started to work on me, I felt a calmness come over me, as well as the energy of the crystals and she started to hone in on the exact spot of my inner pain and work intensely there. She seemed to have been able to grab on to whatever was hooked into me, and at the moment that I felt it start to detach, I saw a vision of a little, scared child saying ‘no…don’t leave!’, and she disappeared at the same time that Colleen seemed to release her. I say her because I believe that it was a part of my identity that was connected to genetic memories of my family’s history of generations of residential schools, and I was also at the time doing workshops for the last few years on the impacts on families of residential schools. I felt that I did not know what could have become of me if that little girl hadn’t been able to be released. I felt that it would have made me ill. That particular pain never did return. It has been over two years now, and I thank Colleen for being present enough to recognize a person in need of healing, because it has helped me to continue my healing journey with others.”

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