Love Larissa ***

“This past Summer I had a healing session with Colleen, it was unplanned and spontaneous, I saw her do some healing on the horses with her Omega wand and that morning I had a tooth ache, as well I was just feeling really …blah…so I asked Colleen if she could try it on me, and she so generously and graciously did. When she worked on me it felt like I was in a water fall being purified with love. Then she massaged my neck and my hands and I was able to heal something’s that have been locked in my body, I released some memories, and she intuitively just knew, and she was there with me beside me just loving me. I felt safe and loved. Since that day my tooth has not caused me any pain, it went from a 7 to a Zero 🙂 and I’ve been feeling able to love myself more and accept myself more and most of all forgive myself. The energy that Colleen facilitates is pure divine love, and I am so grateful for Colleen.”

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