Dr. Gabor Maté & Sound Therapist Colleen Linseman Toronto 2015

Join world renowned Author & Public Speaker Dr. Gabor Maté on Sunday September 27/2015 for a most transformational seminar on the healing benefits of Ayahuasca from Peru.  Colleen Linseman will be opening & closing Sacred Space for Dr. Gabor Maté, with her medicine songs alongside her Crystal Bowls & Shamanic Sound Healing Modalities. She will also be sharing her personal involvement with this ancient healing modality preserved by our Ancestors from the Amazon, as well as her own life’s transformational experiences in Peru and how it was this ancient medicine that saved her from permanent impairment from traumatic brain injury after a near fatal car accident in 2008.

For Tickets: Call: (416) 978-8849    or   click   http://uofttix.ca/gabormate


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